Sharune Color Code to Wiki Converter
   Steps to create a new item page:
1. Get the full lore information with SFXP color codes from the client.
2. Paste these into the large textbox on this page.
3. Get the name of the boss/quest/shop mob where the item can be found.
4. Paste this into the small textbox on this page. 5. Select whether the mob is a boss, quest, or shop mob.
6. Press the convert button. This will open a link in a new tab/window.
7. Click "Create Page" and paste the converted item lore from below into the textbox that appears.
8. Save the created page.
9. You're done already. Quit looking for new steps and find more items.

How is the item obtained?:
Boss Mob
Quest Mob
Shopkeeper Mob
Created by spell
Custom equipment
     (No mob name needed
      for custom equipment)
Available to:
Goods only
Evils only
Both racewars
Time limited (Holiday eq)
Custom equipment

The converted item lore: